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​​​Thank you for helping us make Beachside a welcome retreat for guests travelling during COVID.

  • Beachside follows BC Government recommended cleaning and operating protocols. 
  • Vaccinated guests only please. Please bring your passport and ID.
  • For the safety of our cleaning staff, prior to checkout:

         * If you use the kitchen – please ensure all dishes used are WASHED WITH SOAP, DRIED AND PUT AWAY,                  and that counters and eating areas are wiped with the cleaning disinfectant provided;

         * Recycling – please WASH food containers placed in recycling bin. Do not place takeout containers containing             food or unwashed liquor/drink containers in the blue bin;

         * Place all used towels in the laundry basket;

         * Leave the bedding in place.

  • No guests / visitors with COVID symptoms are permitted on the property.
  • Beachside does not permit ‘quarantine’ stays.
  • Be aware that common areas are available to other guests – beach chairs, outdoor handrails, barbecue area, and hot tub – use at your own risk 
  • Practice social distancing in common areas, AND utilize masks/gloves where appropriate.
  • You are required to report any health or safety concerns immediately. 
  • You are required ask for clarification on any protocol that may cause you concern. 

By staying at Beachside you are agreeing:

  • that you understand and will adhere to the above policies;
  • you attest that you do not have, nor have you experienced COVID-19 symptoms WITHIN THE LAST 14 DAYS: fever, fatigue, dry cough, difficulty breathing;
  • you have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or a diagnosis, (family, friends, work colleagues, etc.);
  • you or your immediate contacts (family members, etc.), have not traveled outside the country WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS;
  • Beachside cannot be held liable for any exposure to COVID-19.

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