Beachside by the Bay



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Summer sunsets at Beachside are stunning. Our SW orientation offers sun all day and into the evening, following by the most amazing sunsets.


Driftwood, pretty stones, starfish, shells, the lucky find of beach glass -- a walk along the shoreline is always fun. Who know what lovely treasure you may come upon!

boat spotting

Luxury cruise liners heading to Alaska, private yachts, commercial fishing vessels, Coast Guard hovercraft, tugs and barges and local kayakers are among ocean traffic visitors may see. Watching the local marine traffic is a great way to while away an afternoon.


Did you know the local deer visit the beach regularly? Eagles, harbour seals, sea lions, sea otters, Pacific white sided dolphins ... you never know who is going to visit. Have your camera ready! 

During the summer (2014) both killer whales and humpback whales have been spotted. So exciting to see their return the local waters!


The beach deck is open to all registered guests. You reach the beach by walking down a stair pathway from mid-point on the property. The structure at beach level (seen here) is our boathouse, not a cottage. Sorry, we too wish a cottage was allowed this close to the water!

There is plenty of room on the beach deck: two picnic tables, several loungers and other chairs, and a barbecue. Cook dinner at the waters edge and sip a glass of wine while you enjoy one of the many of the amazing sunsets Davis Bay is famous for.

relax . relax . relax

Private beach with ocean front deck